8 February 2017

How Invisalign Enhances Smiles

About Invisalign 
Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that consists of a series of clear, plastic aligners that are custom-made to fit over your upper and lower teeth. The aligners are designed to slowly shift your teeth into an ideal position. Invisalign is virtually invisible, making it near impossible to see that you are wearing braces.

Each aligner is worn every day for about 22 hours for about two weeks. After the two weeks are up, you can throw away the old aligners and replace them with the new set in your treatment plan. 

What Invisalign Corrects 
Most North York patients believe that Invisalign can only correct minor dental orthodontic problems; however, this is simply not true. In fact, Invisalign has been known to correct moderate to even severe cases of malocclusion (e.g. overbites; crossbites; underbites), crookedness, overcrowding and gaps between teeth. 

Benefits of Invisalign 
One of the more popular and obvious benefits is that you can get a straighter smile without anyone noticing that you are wearing braces. This is ideal for teenagers and adults who are looking to hide the fact that they are wearing orthodontic braces. 

Furthermore, since Invisalign can be removed, North York patients can enjoy orthodontics that fit into their lifestyle. No need to deal with dietary restrictions, as you would with traditional braces. Just remove your aligners before you eat or drink and then make sure to brush your teeth and rinse out your aligners before putting them back in. 

Also, since Invisalign trays are custom-made to fit your smile, you will experience a comfortable fit free of discomfort or pain, as some patients experience with traditional metal braces. 

Invisalign Candidates 
Invisalign is great for most teens and adults looking to correct common dental issues; however, Invisalign is not for everyone. Children are not right for this treatment, but your North York orthodontist is happy to sit down and discuss your child’s other orthodontic options. 

Also, since Invisalign needs to be worn throughout most of the day you want to make sure that you will adhere to this as much as possible so your treatment goes according to plan. Teens who don’t think they can adhere to wearing their aligners for most of the day should consider other options. 

Want to get a straighter smile? If so, then it’s time to schedule a consultation with your North York orthodontists. Let Kaydental give you the smile you deserve for life.