5 April 2017

Importance of home care for dental implants

The importance of cleaning around your dental implant is the same as a natural tooth structure. Thorough regular oral hygiene helps remove bacteria and keep tissue surround the implant and adjacent teeth healthy and will help prevent and reduce the risk of peri- implant disease (destruction of hard and soft tissue around the implant).

Instruments to help keep your implants clean:

  • Tooth brush: Electric or hand held brushes remove the plaque on visable tooth/ implant surfaces, and stimulate tissue to keep areas healthy.
  • Floss/ Super floss: Ensures that plaque removal under implants is removed (where tooth brushes do not reach). Also helps with tissue stimulation.
  • Proxy brushes/ Soft picks/ Curaprox brushes: Help removal of plaque between teeth/ implants and under tissue. Similar to floss but helps with larger spaces between implants and or teeth. Also is great for tissue stimulation.
  • Water Pik: Helps with plaque removal between teeth, under implant, and helps stimulate tissue. Flushes areas that are hard to reach, and many patients find it easier then manual plaque removal.
  • Mouth rinses: Help with the removal of bacteria on tissue surfaces. Great for disinfection.
  • Regular dental hygiene cleanings: Your hygienist is one of your best defenses against gum disease. They reach areas that are hard to access, help diagnose tissue concerns, and are your personal coaches to ensure you and your dental implant or implants stay healthy long term.

For patients that have implant supported dentures, oral hygiene under and on your implants are just as important. Proper cleaning and care allows your tissue to stay strong and healthy, keeping your denture comfortable and functional long term.